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Episode 1: I reserve the right to change

Metamorphosis by Haylee/cc-by-2.0.

One day in 2009, Josh invited Kelvin to breakfast. It was steak and eggs, with some double-brewed coffee. Double-brewed coffee? Yes. Make a pot of coffee, cool it down, put fresh grounds in there and instead of pouring in water to brew another pot, pour the recently-brewed coffee in and brew that using the fresh grounds.


Kelvin noticed Josh’s guitar cases, and they got talking a little about Josh’s past, which included a CD, which he wasn’t going to give Kelvin. Listen to the episode to find out why.

We also talk about jazz, friends, and finding the courage to break out of who you were and become who you will be.

Links mentioned in this episode:
• Blog post: I reserve the right to change
Wayman Tisdale, “Hang Time”
Doug Stanhope
Kelvin’s a coach!

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