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Welcome to the episode guide! If there’s a topic or a guest you heard on the podcast, you’ll find it listed here, with links to the full show and show notes.

Episode 281: Let’s steal like an artist
Episode 280: Reframing failure
Episode 279: Ask your brain better questions
Episode 278: Why am I so annoyed?
Episode 277: End of Q3 2021
Episode 276: Current inspirations
Episode 275: Remembering 9/11
Episode 274: Clean your room
Episode 273: Do the things that bring you joy
Episode 272:Orest Komarnyckyj, The Old Guy Talks to us!
Episode 271: Meditation and Kindness with Amanda Gilbert
Episode 270: Chris Field, Disruptor
Episode 269: Play!
Episode 268: Challenge yourself
Episode 267: Christine McHugh, From Barista to Boardroom
Episode 266: Kristen Donnelly
Episode 265: Portals and spaces and thresholds, oh my!
Episode 264: End of Q2 2021
Episode 263: Being brave with Michelle Kuei
Episode 262: Nobody’s born a pro
Episode 261: Intention
Episode 260: Connecting the dots
Episode 259: Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone
Episode 258: Conquering Everest with Brian Tellor
Episode 257: How to catch a monkey (or, letting go)
Episode 256: How to annoy people (in a good way)
Episode 255: And the question is …
Episode 254: Making books with William D. LaRue
Episode 253: Question the source
Episode 252: Don’t do it for the credit
Episode 251: End of Q1 2021
Episode 250: Decisions are weird people
Episode 249: Human connection with Pete Bombaci
Episode 248: Common knowledge
Episode 247: PS: Grow with Peter Snauwaert
Episode 246: Random show
Episode 245: Regrouping for success
Episode 244: The Asset Mindset with Dan Fielding
Episode 243: Leaving Nowhere with Kandace Willie
Episode 242: Nick Jankel and Alison McAulay
Episode 241: Laughter and bravery with Lisa David Olson
Episode 240: Quiet mind, epic life with Matthew Ferry
Episode 239: Kicking off 2021
Episode 238: Wrapping up 2020
Episode 237: Self-mastery with Dallen Reber
Episode 236: Holiday gift guide 2020
Episode 235: Prepare for the unexpected
Episode 234: Finish 2020 strong
Episode 233: Gratitude for Thanksgiving 2020
Episode 232: Patience
Episode 231: The world is complex
Episode 230: Build little wins
Episode 229: Vote
Episode 228: Committing to a project
Episode 227: Post-traumatic growth
Episode 226: Are you fulfilled by what you do?
Episode 225: Q3 2020
Episode 224: Relationship Grit with Kathryn Gordon
Episode 223: Stretch your comfort zone
Episode 222: The advantage of receiving coaching
Episode 221: Get stuff in your head
Episode 220: Sweat the details
Episode 219: Peaks and plateaus
Episode 218: Unlimited Mastery with Nick Velasquez
Episode 217: Want something? Find the people who have it
Episode 216: Perspective, revisited
Episode 215: Avoid the noise
Episode 214: Opening the locker door
Episode 213: Declutter your space to declutter your brain
Episode 212: Halfway through 2020
Episode 211: Stay on the path
Episode 210: Reboot
Episode 209: Waking up on the wrong side of reality
Episode 208: Refocus
Episode 207: Something a little different
Episode 206: Opportunity
Episode 205: Resilience in the time of coronavirus
Episode 204: Val Walker
Episode 203: What we’re learning
Episode 202: Gin Carter
Episode 201: Quarantine positives
Episode 200!
Episode 199: Quarter 1 2020 wrap
Episode 198: Make time for humanity
Episode 197: Vetting information about coronavirus
Episode 196: What’s making our lives better
Episode 195: Frank King, the mental health comedian
Episode 194: There’s enough for everyone
Episode 193: How we set ourselves up to fail
Episode 192: Happy Valentine’s Day
Episode 191: What are you planting?
Episode 190: Bridging the Happiness Gap with Dillon Barr
Episode 189: The Big Pivot with Jessica Connery
Episode 188: Life balance with Shannon Rollins
Episode 187: Music as self-care with Bill Protzmann
Episode 186: Wrapping up 2019, looking ahead to 2020
Episode 185: Christmas 2019
Episode 184: How we figure out what’s next
Episode 183: Bringing joy into your life
Episode 182: Planning to plan (planner talk!)
Episode 181: Gratitude / Thanksgiving 2019
Episode 180: Making coffee with Jon Gordon
Episode 179: Reasons for optimism
Episode 178: Another conversation to eavesdrop on
Episode 177: What’s keeping you from being you?
Episode 176: Take action
Episode 175: Who are you?
Episode 174: Flow and altered states
Episode 173: 2019 is three-quarters gone
Episode 172: Success math with Awilda Rivera
Episode 171: Infinite awesome
Episode 170: What are your metaphors for life?
Episode 169: Myths, music and musings
Episode 168: Love languages, personality tests and the real you
Episode 167: Finish
Episode 166: Stir it up
Episode 165: Keys to Master Your Mindset
Episode 164: Healthy Habits Suck with Dr. Dayna Lee-Baggley
Episode 163: Your attention please!
Episode 162: Where do ideas come from?
Episode 161: Get out!
Episode 160: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
Episode 159: Halfway through 2019
Episode 158: Facing fear
Episode 157: Make time
Episode 156: The simple things
Episode 155: On resilience
Episode 154: Side hustle success with Tracey Minutolo
Episode 153: Seeing humanity in our heroes
Episode 152: The consequences of convenience
Episode 151: Habits
Episode 150: Affirmations
Episode 149: Control and letting go
Episode 148: What drives you?
Episode 147: Power of 3 Leadership with Steven Mays
Episode 146: First quarter of 2019 is over; are you on track?
Episode 145: Switch On with Nick Seneca Jankel
Episode 144: Covert contracts
Episode 143: You don’t have to go it alone
Episode 142: You’re going to die someday
Episode 141: Respond vs. React
Episode 140: Resolution reset
Episode 139: The de/evolution and future of hip hop with Mugzy
Episode 138: Strangers and strange lands with Kristi Saare Duarte
Episode 137: Rediscover your brilliance with Tommy Breedlove
Episode 136: It starts with you, with Fred Stuvek Jr.
Episode 135: Welcome, 2019!
Episode 134: Farewell to 2018
Episode 133: Happy Christmas 2018
Episode 132: You are not alone
Episode 131: For auld lang syne
Episode 130: Good news! The world is moving in a positive direction!
Episode 129: Be part of your community
Episode 128: Thanksgiving 2018
Episode 127: Finding success with Razz Misher
Episode 126: Vote. It matters.
Episode 125: Long-term commitments and preparation
Episode 124: Around the world with Matt Javit
Episode 123: Chattin’ it up
Episode 122: It’s October! How are your goals?
Episode 121: History and perspective, visiting Savannah
Episode 120: Design your support system
Episode 119: The Power of the Possible with Valerie Groth, founder of Ryan Banks Academy
Episode 118: I hope you dance
Episode 117: You bring about what you think about
Episode 116: Consistency
Episode 115: Good Enough Now with Jess Pettitt
Episode 114: Ego, self-worth and humility
Episode 113: Franklin’s virtues
Episode 112: Why not just start?
Episode 111: Simple vs. Easy
Episode 110: What if the universe is conspiring in your favor?
Episode 109: Reawaken your brilliance with Julie Coraccio
Episode 108: Independence
Episode 107: Halfway there! Woo!
Episode 106: 3 lessons a dog can teach us all
Episode 105: Ordinary superpowers with Mark Henson
Episode 104: The social will follow from the intellectual
Episode 103: Hangin’ outside
Episode 102: Finding common ground despite differences
Episode 101: What’s holding you back from growth?
Episode 100: Josh & Kelvin say thanks!
Episode 99: #MyPart with Alison Donaghey
Episode 98: Disrupt your life with Caspar Craven
Episode 97: From face-down, pants-down to $1.2 million with Heath Armstrong
Episode 96: Standing in your own power with Dana Pharant
Episode 95: Purpose and core values with Jason Wasser
Episode 94: Climbing the right mountain with Cathy O’Dowd
Episode 93: Memory empowerment with Brad Zupp
Episode 92: Less doing with Ari Meisel
Episode 91: Permission to leap with Bri Seeley
Episode 90: Going the extra mile with Shawn Anderson
Episode 89: Be a little kinder
Episode 88: 65 isn’t retirement age anymore
Episode 87: 5 Stages of Relationships with David Steele
Episode 86: Get to know Awilda Rivera
Episode 85: Talking libraries with Jill Hurst-Wahl
Episode 84: Turn those resolutions into goals
Episode 83: Talking leadership with Mitch Mitchell
Episode 82: What is a life coach?
Episode 81: The importance of sleep with Camille Nisich
Episode 80: Resolutions
Episode 79: Purpose
Episode 78: Beliefs
Episode 77: Give experiences, not stuff
Episode 76: Gratitude for Thanksgiving 2017
Episode 75: Discipline leads to freedom
Episode 74: Is there too much choice?
Episode 73: The benefits of smiling and laughing (plus videos of babies laughing!)
Episode 72: Be a gracious receiver, and give without expectation
Episode 71: What is a mindset?
Episode 70: There’s still some 2017 left!
Episode 69: Take chances
Episode 68: The benefits of music
Episode 67: Take time to recharge
Episode 66: Takeaways from Jon Vroman
Episode 65: Life in the front row with Jon Vroman
Episode 64: Expand your mind
Episode 63: The gratitude and gratification of helping family
Episode 62: In praise of compliments
Episode 61: On confidence and competence, self-awareness and ego
Episode 60: Rivalry and innovation
Episode 59: Reconnecting with creativity
Episode 58: Taking care of people when the jobs go
Episode 57: Rethinking milestones
Episode 56: Halfway through 2017; is it time to recalibrate?
Episode 55: Put yourself in position to receive
Episode 54: On comparison
Episode 53: Finish what you start
Episode 52: In praise of connecting
Episode 51: Aloha
Episode 50: The courage of happiness with Maura Sweeney
Episode 49: Finding purpose and meaning with Sean Douglas
Episode 48: How do you unplug?
Episode 47: Whatever you do, do it for yourself
Episode 46: Saying no
Episode 45: The importance of being uncomfortable
Episode 44: Ask good questions
Episode 43: The Power of Now, reiki and the accidental podcast
Episode 42: Keeping stuff in your brain
Episode 41: In praise of empathy and helping others
Episode 40: In praise of propriety
Episode 39: The last thing in your brain at night is the first thing there in the morning
Episode 38: Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses
Episode 37: Take responsibility for your life
Episode 36: Good News!
Episode 35: You don’t know everything — put stuff in your head!
Episode 34: It’s OK to be wrong
Episode 33: Live your life
Episode 32: I’m not done!
Episode 31: To be interesting, be interested
Episode 30: #NotJustWords
Episode 29: Wrapping up 2016, welcoming 2017
Episode 28: JKWD holiday books gift guide
Episode 27: Be nice all year
Episode 26: Do it Now
Episode 25: Visualization
Episode 24: Gratitude and Thanksgiving
Episode 23: Say YES!
Episode 22: Give every day everything you have
Episode 21: Choose a great day
Episode 20: People helping people
Episode 19: 4 Rules for Good Communication
Episode 18: Purge things that no longer serve you
Episode 17: Renewing Earth and Spirit
Episode 16: AMAZING!
Episode 15: Do the work first
Episode 14: Be accountable
Episode 13: Life happens while you’re making other plans
Episode 12: Being present
Episode 11: Goals
Episode 10: Opinions: Do they matter?
Episode 9: Talk yourself into the hard stuff
Episode 8: Evening routines
Episode 7: Rights, community, entitlement and privilege
Episode 6: What do you do when the world is full of chaos?
Episode 5: Morning Routines
Episode 4: Stop looking for the next thing
Episode 3: The next 500 steps
Episode 2: Be more childlike
Episode 1: I reserve the right to change
Episode 0: Introductions