Episode 189: The Big Pivot with Jessica Connery

“Your mouth is just drippings from your brain” —Jessica Connery

We talk to photographer and coach Jessica Connery about silence, listening to the universe, and understanding when it’s time to change directions in your career.

From her website:

I’m left-handed, a middle child, and obsessed with snacks. I was born in upstate NY, moved to Massachusetts when I was two and lived there until winter got the best of me in 2012. We packed up our house and headed to the Sunshine State. In 2002 I married a guy who is the polar opposite of me and we’ve been riding the rollercoaster of marriage ever since. We have two kids (a boy and a girl) and an adorable dog named Biscuit. I read business books for fun, get really jazzed when discussing entrepreneurship, and have a heartfelt desire to help others succeed. I will take Starbucks over any other coffee any day of the week, I crave sunshine but burn easily. I am a champion parallel parker (thanks to living in Boston!) but can’t drive in reverse to save my life. Oh, and I talk a lot.

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Jessica Connery:

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