Episode 155: On resilience

When things are happening around (or to) you that aren’t necessarily ideal, are you a martyr for no cause, or are you resilient, pushing through to be your best, even if your best isn’t as great as it is some days?

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#Resilience . The wee one has her first cold. She felt it coming on two days before we were able to see it. . Saturday night, I finished work at midnight. She woke up about 12:45, which is not terribly unusual. What is unusual is that she wouldn’t let me put her down again — she’d sleep on me, but not in her bed. At 6, I gave up and brought her into the kitchen and made coffee and got my day started. . She had a pretty good day Sunday, and slept a little more Sunday night, but not by a lot. . Monday morning she woke up with an obvious head cold, sniffles and nasally cooing and everything. She ate a little, slept a little, did some smiling and playing, but was generally subdued. . Overnight Monday, she had a few not-so-great moments, so we called the overnight nurse at the pediatrician’s office. . Basically, she said, we were doing everything right (we even had her sitting up to sleep, since that’s how her mom and dad drain when we’re sick), and that sometimes colds just stink. “I know,” I said. “I’ve had a few.” . Happy to hear that we were doing everything right, we hung un for a sniffly night. . This morning, I woke up to the sound of clinking: she was playing with the danglers on her chair. She was still sniffly, but smiling. . “Well, if it were up to me,” she seemed to say, “I wouldn’t have designed things this way, but if this is my new normal, I’m still going to be a happy little miss.” . Everything is new to her. . Get some #perspective: Whatever you’re going through might be new to you, but lots of other people have been there and made it through. . Be #tough. Be #resilient. Be your best you, even when you’re not at your best. . . . . . . #babiesofinstagram #sickkid #sicko #babiesofig

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