Episode 142: You’re going to die someday

Being human is a fatal condition. You’re going to die. How will you be remembered?

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#legend #truth #mementomori #frankrobinson

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Team Human by Douglass Rushkoff
How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
Team Human podcast
Frank Robinson died
Paul Delima

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The Club recently started 50 days of celebration for its 50 year anniversary and I was going to post some pictures from some of the days I was there. Instead, I will just post a picture of the anniversary ears. Have you seen any of us walking around the park with them? I have received messages from members and I have decided not to post any of the pictures from the events. In the past I purposely did not post many pictures from special events such as sporting events, Oscars, private dinners, etc. I only posted a few pictures of these events where there were several members and I also posted some from events I didn't go to but people sent me pictures of (with permission). I tried to be limited with what I post and I believe that pictures very similar to the ones I have posted can be found elsewhere on Instagram or on a Google image search. There are several videos on YouTube and Instagram where the club can be seen. However, since I know some of the members who sent messages are and see them in the club, I do not want to upset them. I will cease posting pictures of the club for an extended period of time. I may repost one more picture later so that this is not the last activity on this account. My goal for this account was to share pictures of a club I am proud to be part of. With social media today, I don't think anything is a secret any longer. There are hundreds of guests inside the club per year and all can take pictures and post ones similar to the ones I took. None of my pictures were anything unique. As the dozens of you know who have asked, I always politely refused reservation requests despite some VERY generous offers and very compelling stories. I tried to protect the integrity of the club but some members have felt I was doing the opposite. This account was supposed to be fun but I did not imagine that members would be upset with it. This was made very clear to me in the most recent message I received. To those members who feel that way, I apologize. To those who sent messages of support and some of the pictures I used, I want to thank you.

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