Episode 138: Strangers and strange lands with Kristi Saare Duarte

Kristi Saare Duarte’s motto is simple – “Life is for living.” Not just working. Not struggling. Not sitting on your butt and watching soap operas with canned laughter on TV.

Her parents’ sudden passing taught her to live each day as if it were the last. Get out there and explore. Taste that deep fried cricket—maybe it’s good (it was!). Hang on to your seat in that steaming hot, rusty African bus for eighteen hours, because meeting those women with ceramic plates in their lips will be amazing. Be brave. Take Risks. Live.

We talk to Kristi about people being basically the same, healing and her novel, The Transmigrant, a story about Jesus’s travels and studies during the years of his life the Bible doesn’t cover.

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Kristi Saare Duarte
The Transmigrant
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