Episode 117: You bring about what you think about

When you concentrate on something — and work hard toward it — you’ll find you get what you want.

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Jenny and I got married in the afternoon. That evening, @zachshoecan requested that we stop by his hotel room so that he and his wife @rachelshukan could present their gift to us in person. . In case you’re unfamiliar with wedding days, this is a fairly unusual request; typically the gifts are left at the venue and someone else gathers them into a car and it gets figured out later. . After we got back to our room and peeled off our single-use clothing and got into the clothes we would meet friends and family at the bar in (because nothing says lifetime commitment like having a party with the people you want to hang out with after you had a party with the people you wanted to see you exchange rings) and stopped by the Shukans’ room. . They explained that, for all the family weddings they go to, Rachel makes blankets, much like the one you see in this photo, to keep warm the future children of the newlywed couple. . We were blessed with the first such blanket for someone who was not a blood relative. Zach and I go back to second grade, which would have been (sorry to reveal your age, friend, but I believe the adage says a gentleman never reveals a lady’s age, so you are out of luck) the 1983-1984 school year. We may not be blood relatives, but by this time — July of 2014 — we may as well have been. We're lucky our wives have accepted that bond and whatever goofiness it's brought. . This blanket has traveled from the Shukans’ home in New York City to our home in Fayetteville, New York. It has moved with us a thousand miles away to Savannah, Georgia, where it’s been unpacked and repacked for moves across several neighborhoods and apartments, and now it’s here. . I know we’ve been some combination of quiet and cryptic the past couple of months. It’s largely out of respect for this blanket, its mission and its journey. . This room we're standing is in our new house, where we’ll raise our first child, whom we’ll meet in early January of 2019. We closed on the house a month ago today and, aside from getting some stuff up on the walls, are largely unpacked happy to be here. . Thanks, everyone, for your love and support in our lives.

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