Podcast episodes

Welcome to the episode guide! If there’s a topic or a guest you heard on the podcast, you’ll find it listed here, with links to the full show and show notes.

Episode 42: Keeping stuff in your brain
Episode 41: In praise of empathy and helping others
Episode 40: In praise of propriety
Episode 39: The last thing in your brain at night is the first thing there in the morning
Episode 38: Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses
Episode 37: Take responsibility for your life
Episode 36: Good News!
Episode 35: You don’t know everything — put stuff in your head!
Episode 34: It’s OK to be wrong
Episode 33: Live your life
Episode 32: I’m not done!
Episode 31: To be interesting, be interested
Episode 30: #NotJustWords
Episode 29: Wrapping up 2016, welcoming 2017
Episode 28: JKWD holiday books gift guide
Episode 27: Be nice all year
Episode 26: Do it Now
Episode 25: Visualization
Episode 24: Gratitude and Thanksgiving
Episode 23: Say YES!
Episode 22: Give every day everything you have
Episode 21: Choose a great day
Episode 20: People helping people
Episode 19: 4 Rules for Good Communication
Episode 18: Purge things that no longer serve you
Episode 17: Renewing Earth and Spirit
Episode 16: AMAZING!
Episode 15: Do the work first
Episode 14: Be accountable
Episode 13: Life happens while you’re making other plans
Episode 12: Being present
Episode 11: Goals
Episode 10: Opinions: Do they matter?
Episode 9: Talk yourself into the hard stuff
Episode 8: Evening routines
Episode 7: Rights, community, entitlement and privilege
Episode 6: What do you do when the world is full of chaos?
Episode 5: Morning Routines
Episode 4: Stop looking for the next thing
Episode 3: The next 500 steps
Episode 2: Be more childlike
Episode 1: I reserve the right to change
Episode 0: Introductions


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